Getting the Client’s Attention for Patient Compliance


The key to patient compliance is getting the client’s attention and making it easy for them to get preventive care for their pets.

Between-visit client communication can motivate clients and help them understand how to keep their pets as healthy as possible.  But, if they don’t have easy access to attention-grabbing information, your patients may end up missing some of the preventive care you recommend.

Many practices believe that they already have the best client communication in place.  But, most practices have one or more gaps that are impacting patients’ preventive care health and pet owner satisfaction.  So, it’s worth a re-visit to see if you need to upgrade some elements of your programs, and take some of the load off staff.

The Basics:

  • Personalized Reminders in all 4 channels: print, email, text and push notification in portal/app to reach all clients, regardless of what channel they are using today;
  • Compelling graphics and messaging that stands out and gets them to pay attention.  Client-friendly language that can be fully customized for your practice;
  • Direct access link on every reminder, that let’s clients make an appointment request easily (including QR code on the postcard);
  • A complete pet portal/app that ALL clients can access, not just those clients who download and install an app;
  • 3-4 reminder attempts;  consolidate multiple vaccines/service near-by due dates on a reminder, to get several services done in a single visit;
  • Full practice logo and brand colors for consistent client recognition.

Differences that Matter:

  • Reminder timing coordinated and optimized across channels, to arrive about the same time for highest top-of-mind awareness and response;
  • Breed-specific, pet-specific photography of human-animal bonding, again to get them to notice and relate to your communication;
  • Easy, direct access link to the client’s portal/app page from every reminder!!  One-click, no login required!! …and, to any device, computer or phone;
  • Let clients know the vaccines and services your practice considers essential/advised.  Let them easily learn why each preventive care item is important to the health of their pet(s).  Most importantly, identify any recommended preventive care their pets are missing;
  • Large format, higher quality reminder postcards that stick out in the mail and get the client’s attention.

This between-visit information and engagement with clients, done right, takes workload off your staff and boosts client support for patient health!

Note: Cost is no longer an issue on putting in or upgrading a combined pet portal/client app, that is very easy for clients to use.  You can now get a portal/app included for FREE, without paying a high monthly fee!!

One extra tip:

Some practices think they can drop postcards and just do electronic reminders.   But, postcards are still the most effective way of reaching all clients.  Only 30% of clients open their email.  And, text reminders help, but don’t reach everyone or necessarily move them to respond.

If you drop postcards, your compliance and reminder revenue will drop 10-20%… costing you patient health and significant revenue, rather than saving you money!!

Easier, More Effective Client Communication

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