Promoting Client Preventive Care Education Between Visits — leverage your client communication!!

How can we provide easy access to preventive care education between visits that is specific to each furry family members?

Between-visit Client Communications offer a superb, but untapped way to help educate clients about the preventive care, specifically for their pets.

Customize Your Reminders to promote preventive care

If your reminder messaging can be customized, then you can deliver a message focused on the importance of one or more preventive care vaccines/services, specifically for each patient.  Often, this can take the form of a “Tip”.   The focus, ideally, can be a preventive care vaccine or service that has not yet been fulfilled, or that that pet is not yet set up for.

Pet-Specific Preventive Care Education in your pet portal/app

If your pet portal and/or app can be customized, you may be able to call to the client’s attention the core and advised preventive care recommended for their particular pets.

  1. If available, include, a health “checklist” with the preventive care vaccines and services your practice recommends for dogs/cats that are part of your standard of care.
  2. Show what vaccines/services are set up for each patient (current/due/past-due), and what recommended preventive care is not yet set up for that pet. If possible, indicate that those missing key additional vaccines and services as “also recommended”.  This can prompt the pet owner to ask about these preventive care vaccines/services for that pet.  Ideally you can give them a ready, one-click way to request missing or past due vaccine/services.
  3. Keep in mind that not all pet owners know about the different vaccines and services you offer.  So, if possible, include a link by each vaccine and service that tells the client Why that vaccine/service is important to the health of their pet.

Historically, between-visit reminder and pet portal/app communication has not been used as a way to deliver pet-specific preventive care education.  But, new customizable reminders and upgraded portals and apps present an excellent ongoing way to address the preventive care needs of the individual patient.

Here is an example of how one pet portal presents the standard of care checklist and details of the importance of each vaccine/service recommended for that pet.

Easier, More Effective Client Communication

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