Providing Easy Pet Health Information for ALL Clients — eliminating barriers

How many clients easily access their pet’s health information and know what preventive care is recommended?  The answer for many practices is under half of clients.

By forcing pet owneres to download, install and use a traditional mobile app to get to their per information, we, ironically, are blocking pet information from many clients… those who are not active app-users.

Every client should have access to their pet’s information about preventive care, on any device, whether on their phone or computer.  And, it should be accessible directly from a link in every reminder… so they don’t have to go find their pet portal/app.

PWA apps (“Progressive Web Apps”) give ALL clients fingertip access to pet info, on any phone OR computer, without requiring that the client download and install a traditional phone-only app.  As a bonus, a PWA app can be configured, so that the client can get to their pet information directly from a link in each reminder… without a login.

Ideally we would offer clients both options… iPhone/Android phone app and a PWA.  Ideally they would look and function exactly the same on all devices.

These new app options eliminate barriers for clients to their pet information!!   … and, make it easier for pet owners to be more engaged in the preventive care of their pets.

Easier, More Effective Client Communication

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