Promoting Healthier Pet Patients

A critical part of keeping patients healthy, beyond the medical care provided, is by motivating and engaging clients, so pets get the preventive care needed.

In-clinic communication with clients by vets and the full vet team, conveys to clients the importance of preventive care… what the practice recommended standard of care protocol is for their pet, and what is needed next to protect their pet’s health.  But, often, the client time in clinic is brief and it may be a challenge to cover everything and get the client to fully understand and retain all that vets and staff have told them.

The practice’s client communication systems, designed right, can inform and reinforce your preventive care messaging before, after and between visits.

Your client communication system is not a “cost center” to be minimized, but a direct booster of patient health and a revenue generation center.  (For every dollar spent on reminders, most practices generate at least $50-80 in revenue)

Easier, More Effective Client Communication

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