Upgrading Client Communication for Patient Health

Industry experts have pointed out key ways to improve practice communication with clients, to promote the preventive care health of patients.

Many observers stress the need to ensure that the full vet team is trained to communicate and guide clients in-clinic on the importance of preventive care for the health of their pets.  (Because time for preventive care education is often more limited than we want, in-clinic and website tools and resources can help… especially if clients can be shown which standard-of-care vaccines, tests and services are need for each of their pets.)

But, there are specific ways to upgrade client communication systems to reinforce preventive care messaging before, during and between visits:

  • Let All Clients Access their Pet Info with a portal/app, without having to download, install and use a phone app.
  • Make sure clients can book/request an appointment, and to get to their pet info, directly from each of your reminders.  This simplifies and strengthens the client’s sense of engagement with the practice and the health of their pets.
  • Use high impact reminders that have been optimized to get the attention of clients and prompt them to easily to get the preventive care needed for each pet.
  • Identify which patients are missing what preventive care vaccines, tests and services that the practice recommends as core/advised.  Fill in those gaps in preventive care reminders, either manually or by automatically including them as “also recommended”.
  • Use a client communication solution that includes an app and portal as part of the electronic reminders and does not charge an additional monthly fee.  The funds saved can be directed back to the reminders/app-portal themselves, directly benefiting patient preventive care.

One last upgrade suggestion to support the focus on patient health:  if you don’t already have it in place, start tracking (a) patient compliance and (b) the revenue generated from reminders, compared to the client communication dollars spent (your communication Return on Investment).

Easier, More Effective Client Communication

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