Other Views: Client Communication — Making a Difference in Patient Health

By far the best article I’ve read in 2022 on supporting patient health through better client communication and engagement, was a 3-part piece written by Dr. Wendy Hauser and published in Today’s Veterinary Business this spring and summer.  (Dr. Hauser is founder of Peak Veterinary Consulting and a member of the Vet Partners organization of veterinary consultants.)

If you missed this series, you may want to take a look.  (or, if you read the 3 pieces, it may be worth a re-read)

Three C’s Forge Strong Bonds (#1)
How to Create Lasting Connections (#2)
How to Explain the Value and Cost of Proactive Care (#3)

Communication with clients about the importance of preventive care, makes a huge difference in the patient’s health… but, also in how connected the client feels to the practice.

Dr. Hauser outlines ways the full vet team can foster patient health by:
— Creating positive client experiences (using Culture, Communication and Consistency) and
— Actively supporting the bond owners feel with their pets.

She focuses on communicate the value of proactive care, so that clients feel more informed and more engaged with the practice team and the health of their pet.

When clients feel a strong connection with the practice and a shared commitment to their pet’s well-being, they are more likely to accept the recommendation of the vet and staff. The result is healthier patients.

Dr. Hauser continues her lifelong commitment to using client communication to foster patient health! Engaging and informing clients about the value of proactive care, as she recommends, is important not only in-clinic, but also between visits, with reminder and portal/app communication.

Easier, More Effective Client Communication

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